Under the kennelname Fjascho I have bred Borzoi for over 15 years, and during all these years delivered puppies of high quality. The most important principle has always been to breed a sound and healthy Borzoi with a good temperament. So far I can say we are very satisfied with the puppies born at the kennel.

Kennel Fjascho can decorate with many prestigious titles, like Norwegian, Swedish and International Champions, Skokloster-winners (3), lots of BIS-, BOB-, BOS- & BOG-winners, and the World-winner 1999, Borscana Rocket Queen, has a Fjascho-dog as father, i. e. Dimitroff d. y. av Fjascho. Kennel Fjascho is among the most winning kennels in Scandinavia, and is known for conscious breeding of mentally sound dogs.

N CH Kazar's Emilie

Even though the kennel's successes in the showring is nice, the main goal is to produce healthy and sound family-dogs with good mentality, and the responses from our puppy-buyers let us understand that we have done well so far.

At the kennel today we have several adult Borzois. We also have some borzois on breeding terms and co-ownerships. Sometimes we also have puppies for sale.

I have been an engaged dog-owner for most of my life, and have apart from Borzois also other breeds. This implies an interest also for dogs in general. In other words; the dog-thing is life - and, we do warmly welcome visits from dog-people who whish to experience our dogs!